Articles and presentations


TestCon Vilnius, October 2016

Older presentations can be found on my SlideShare profile.


No API? No problem! – API mocking with WireMock TestNet Fall Event, October 2016

Test the REST – An introduction to testing RESTful web services with REST Assured
TestNet Spring Event, May 2016


Leverage containers to create simulated test environments on demand (StickyMinds, February 2017)

Efficient API testing: How to get started with REST Assured (TechBeacon, February 2017)

APIs and automated testing: Go integrated for the best of both worlds (TechBeacon, January 2017)

Service virtualization, an enterprise solution to legacy systems (O’Reilly Ideas, November 2016)

Service virtualization: Testing legacy, third-party, and cutting-edge systems (O’Reilly Ideas, August 2016)

Test automation: start with the ‘why?’ (LinkedIn Pulse, May 2016)

Three things everybody should know about test automation (LinkedIn Pulse, April 2016)

4 ways to boost your test process with service virtualization (StickyMinds, August 2015)