Testing earlier, more often and more with service virtualization

Traditional monolithic IT systems are (as good as) extinct. Modern IT applications are constructed of a – potentially large – number of independent components that are developed and tested within separate teams. Or even separate organizations. But especially during testing, and more specifically during integration and end-to-end testing, a big problem arises: the test environment. With all those different components, in various stages of development, setting up and keeping alive a complete test environment can be a technical and logistical nightmare. And that is even before considering loading all components with the right test data…

One possible approach to tackling this problem is the adoption of service virtualization, a technique where the behavior of critical, yet hard-to-access components is simulated, allowing development teams to test earlier, more often and more. To get you started in the world of service virtualization and the tools available on the market, I have created the ‘Testing earlier, more often and more with service virtualization’ course.

This two-day training will make you familiar with the concept of service virtualization and the role it plays in modern IT applications. We’ll take a look at the benefits that development teams can gain from the smart application of service virtualization tools, and the best way to do so. Next, we’ll get our hands dirty with two open source service virtualization tools:

  • Hoverfly by SpectoLabs
  • WireMock

We’ll take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of both tools, and at the range of features they provide for creating and maintaining simulated test environments. We will also see how these environments fit into the overall software development process as well as in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery procedures.

After having completed this training, you’ll have a good understanding of the benefits that service virtualization can provide to development teams (and therefore to any organization that is involved in software development). You’ll know how and when (not) to apply service virtualization, and you’ll have useful examples and hands-on experience with different service virtualization tools that can be applied instantly in your daily work.

This training is highly interactive and offers plenty of opportunity to ask questions and contribute with real life examples from your own daily work.

Training contents
This training covers (among others) the following topics:

  • What is service virtualization?
  • What benefits does service virtualization offer to development teams?
  • How can service virtualization play a role in modern IT trends?
  • What types of service virtualization tools are available on the market?
  • What questions do I need to ask when (thinking about) implementing service virtualization?
  • How does service virtualization fit into our CI and CD pipeline?

Courseware and preparation
Participants bring their own laptop. Around a week before training day, you will be provided with instructions on how to prepare your laptop in order to successfully participate in the training. All slides, code samples, exercises and suggested answers are shared with you afterwards, of course.

Some basic knowledge of software development and testing processes and procedures, as well as basic principles of test automation will be advantageous.

2 full working days (2 * 8 hours)

This training and all related courseware is available in English and Dutch.

Pricing available on request

Interested in this training?
Please send an email to training@ontestautomation.com for more details, availability and quotes.