Improving your automation efforts with better BDD scenarios

Many teams nowadays are using a tool such as Cucumber or SpecFlow to drive their Behaviour Driven Development process, as well as to document their automated acceptance tests. When using these tools, it’s often hard to find a good balance between readability of scenarios and reusability of step definitions. Too often, intended behaviour of the application to build and test get mixed up with implementation details, resulting in scenarios that no one can read nor reuse. As a result, the use of Cucumber or SpecFlow becomes more of a burden than a benefit.

Does this sound familiar to you? Do you want to learn how to do better? Then this workshop is for you!

Workshop contents
This workshop covers, among other things:

  • What is BDD and how can BDD tools be used to drive and document automation?
  • How to separate intended behaviour from implementation details
  • How to write scenarios that are test-type agnostic
  • How to remove dependencies between scenarios
  • How to better structure your scenarios using Background and Scenario Outline
  • How to decide what test data (not) to include in your scenarios

There’s no better way to learn than by doing, so you’ll be presented with a variety of real-life scenarios to be discussed, improved and shared in small groups. This makes for a highly interactive and fun workshop that lets you learn from your peers as well as from my experiences.

Intended audience and prerequisite knowledge
This course is aimed at software development team members (developers, testers, product owners, …) that want to know how to improve their BDD scenarios and how to make sure they’re better fit for driving and documenting their development and their automated acceptance tests.

Delivery and group size
I offer this workshop in person, on site only. Due to the group work involved and the highly interactive setup of the workshop, that is really the only way this workshop can be facilitated. The maximum group size is 30.

This course takes half a working day (3-4 hours).

If you would like to book me to facilitate this workshop in your organization, or if you have any additional questions, please send an email to or use the contact form on this page.

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