Introduction to API test automation

Traditionally, a lot of test automation is done through the user interface of an application, with tools such as Selenium WebDriver. However, there’s often a more efficient way to approach your automation, and that’s by making good use of APIs. But how do you go about writing automated tests against an API? And what exactly are the benefits of test automation at the API level?

If you’d like to make your test automation more efficient by adopting testing at the API level, you’ll need to know:

  • what APIs are, how they are structured and how they are used in modern software applications
  • what makes testing at the API level different from traditional, user interface-driven test automation
  • what tools there are on the market that can help you in creating effective, maintainable and robust automated API tests and how they stack up against each other
  • how to go about creating automated tests with these tools, and how to make these tests part of your overall software development and delivery process

What’s covered in this course?
This course will teach you:

  • what APIs are and how they are used in, among others, mobile applications and the Internet of Things
  • how to analyze how your application uses APIs to manage data and execute business processes
  • how to decide what types of tests can be executed at the API level, and what scenarios are best left to user interface-driven application (or to unit tests!)
  • how to create and execute automated API tests using three different tools: REST Assured, the open source version of SmartBear SoapUI and Parasoft SOAtest

After completion of this course, you’ll have:

  • the knowledge to decide if and how automated testing at the API level can help you improve the efficiency of your (automated) testing process
  • experience in writing readable, maintainable and stable automated API tests using a number of popular tools
  • a good overview of the spectrum of API testing tools available nowadays, as well as guidelines on how to choose the best fit for your team or organization
  • had fun!

Duration of the course
This course takes 2 working days. Customization is possible, though, so feel free to contact me if you have additional questions or requirements.

Tools used
As mentioned above, this course uses REST Assured, SmartBear SoapUI and Parasoft SOAtest, as I think these three tools cover the spectrum of available API testing tools rather well. If you would like me to cover other API testing tools instead, feel free to contact me as I’m happy to discuss options.

Course delivery
This course is offered in house, in person. This facilitates interaction and asking questions and will make sure that participants get the most out of the course. It also allows me to adapt my material, examples and exercises as much as possible to your specific requirements.

I work with a maximum group size of 12 participants. Currently, I’m only able to deliver this course in the Netherlands, or any other location sufficiently close.

Availability and pricing
Are you interested in me teaching this course at your organization, or do you have any additional questions? Please contact me through the Contact page or send me an email at and I’ll be in touch.

Pricing available on request.