Reasonable expectations in test automation – creating an automation strategy that works

Note: in contrast to the other training courses offered through On Test Automation, this workshop has been developed not just by me, but in cooperation with Ard Kramer. Either of us can deliver this workshop on his own, but we are more than happy to join forces and facilitate it together.

For an impression of a previous edition of this workshop, please read this blog post.

Test automation, when done well, can be of great help in supporting testers (and development teams as a whole) in delivering high quality in testing, and hopefully in delivering high quality software at speed. There’s just one challenge, though: it’s bloody hard to do test automation well!

Topics covered in this workshop
In this workshop, we’ll show you how to start creating and implementing a solid test automation strategy by asking six simple but difficult questions: Why? When? Where? What? Who? and How?

By answering these questions, we’ll help you to:

  • Successfully manage expectations with regards to what automation can and cannot do for you
  • Debunk common myths with regards to test automation (‘If we automate all our tests we don’t need testers anymore!’, anyone?)
  • Decide what tests are suitable for automation, and what tests are better left to testers
  • Decide on what level and with what scope to automate tests
  • Make an informed decision on which tools to use
  • Define the impact of introducing (more) test automation in your
    team (and your organization)
  • Describe the role of test automation in the test and quality strategy of your organization

To help you focus on the right answers, we’ll use six areas that make up a well-rounded automation strategy: technical, knowledge and experience, resources and means, process and methodology, organization and business and business value.

We’ll answer these questions in several rounds in smaller groups, using a variety of formats, which will allow you to learn not only from us, but also from your fellow participants.

After attending this workshop, you’ll have insight into what it takes to start creating and implementing a solid test automation strategy. You’ll have a checklist of questions that you can apply to your own current or future test automation efforts and that can help you to succeed with test automation. You will leave the workshop with answers to these questions that you can apply directly to your specific situation.

Duration of the workshop
The workshop as presented on this page takes 1 working day. Customization is possible, though, so feel free to contact me if you have additional questions or requirements.

Target audience
This workshop is targeted towards testers, developers, team leads and others that rely on test automation (or are looking to do so) as part of their software development and testing efforts and those who want to implement or adjust test automation within the limits of reasonable expectations.

Course delivery
Due to its highly interactive nature and the fact that it lends itself exceptionally well to learning not only from us, but also from your peers, this workshop is especially well suited for conferences.

An ideal group size would be around 25-30 people. This guarantees enough diversity in terms of experience and experiences, so that participants can learn from and inspire each other.

Availability and pricing
Are you interested in hosting this workshop as part of your conference, or do you have any additional questions? Please contact me through the Contact page or send me an email at and I’ll be in touch.

Pricing available on request.