Success with test automation

Test automation has become an indispensable part of every modern software development process. Organizations looking to test earlier, more and more often often resort to test automation as the holy grail. Unfortunately, in practice, not all that glitters is gold…

But what makes implementation of test automation a success? What questions should be asked? What are common traps and what expectations are realistic during the implementation of test automation? To help you get started in doing test automation the right way, I have developed the ‘Succeed with test automation’ workshop.

This one day workshop shows you critical success factors that play a role when implementing test automation, and what it will (not) result in for your development team and organization. You will learn what form of test automation is best suited for different situations and what test automation can do for you beyond automated execution of functional tests.

The workshop is highly interactive and offers plenty of opportunity to ask questions and contribute with real life examples from your own daily work.

Training contents
This workshop covers the following topics:

  • What is test automation?
  • Why should you use test automation?
  • What should test automation be used for? When should you NOT use it?
  • The test automation pyramid
  • Critical success factors
  • Setting expectations and debunking test automation myths
  • Tool selection

Courseware and preparation
All slides, code samples, exercises and suggested answers are shared with you afterwards, of course.

Some basic knowledge of development and testing processes and procedures will be advantageous.

1 full working day (8 hours)

This workshop and all related courseware is available in English and Dutch.

Pricing available on request

Interested in this workshop?
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