Introduction to test automation

Test automation has become an integral part of software testing for most organizations. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of misconception around as to what test automation actually is, what it can -and more importantly: what it can not- do for your development and delivery process. As a result, many test automation projects cost too much and deliver too little.

In this training course, I’ll teach you how you can vastly improve the chances of your test automation efforts becoming successful by getting realistic about test automation and taking the right steps in the right order when you’ve decided to start with or expand your automation activities.

Topics covered in this course
This course, among other things, teaches you how to:

  • define and manage realistic expectations around what test automation is and what it can do for your software testing and development process
  • create an effective test automation strategy by asking the right questions in the right order
  • decide what scenarios are (not) suitable for automated testing
  • use tools to support your testing efforts beyond automated execution of functional test scenarios
  • define who in your organization can best be made responsible for automation, and how those people can gain and maintain the required test automation skill set

After completion of this course, you’ll have

  • more realistic expectations about what test automation is and what it can do for you and your team or organization
  • useful tips, tricks and tools to create the best possible test automation strategy for your own situation
  • the knowledge to debunk common test automation myths
  • had fun!

Duration of the course
The course as presented on this page takes 1 working day. Customization is possible, though, so feel free to contact me if you have additional questions or requirements.

Target audience
Whereas my other courses are specifically targeted at test automation engineers and those who would like to move into that role, this course does not involve creating actual tests and is targeted at a broader audience, including test managers, tech leads, product owners, scrum masters, CxO executives and other roles that are a stakeholder of testing and test automation.

Course delivery
This course is offered in house, in person. This facilitates interaction and asking questions and will make sure that participants get the most out of the course. It also allows me to adapt my material, examples and exercises as much as possible to your specific requirements.

I work with a maximum group size of 12 participants. Currently, I’m only able to deliver this course in the Netherlands, or any other location sufficiently close.

Availability and pricing
Are you interested in me teaching this course at your organization, or do you have any additional questions? Please contact me through the Contact page or send me an email at and I’ll be in touch.

Pricing available on request.