Introduction to test automation

Test automation is an integral part of many software development and testing teams’ activities nowadays. No surprise there. However, many of those teams, and even entire organizations, are still struggling with making their test automation efforts a success.

Just throwing tools at the problem will not make your software testing activities more efficient. You will need a solid test automation strategy, and to get there, you’ll need to be able to ask the right questions. You’ll also need to be able to identify what to automate and how this can be done in the most efficient way before you start writing automated tests.

And that’s exactly what this course will teach you!

Course contents
This course covers, among other things:

  • Why so many test automation efforts fail
  • How to create a solid test automation strategy that will support your testing efforts
  • What questions to ask when you’re starting out on your test automation journey
  • How to identify what can and should be automated, as well as what can or should not
  • How to identify seams in your application that can help you create more efficient test automation
  • What different types of tools there are, and what their relative benefits and drawbacks are

There’s no better way to learn than by doing, so you’ll be presented with a variety of hands-on exercises and cases throughout this course.

Intended audience and prerequisite knowledge
This course is aimed at testing practitioners, software developers, managers and other practitioners looking for a solid introduction into the world of test automation.

No prerequisite knowledge is required.

Delivery and group size
This is a live training course, available both on site and online. The maximum group size is 12.

This course takes one working day.

If you would like to book me to teach this course in your organization, or if you have any additional questions, please send an email to or use the contact form on this page.

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