Hi, I'm Bas Dijkstra, and I help companies improve their software testing efforts through smart application of tools.

I'm spending most of my days with companies around the world, teaching their engineers and other staff about a wide range of topics related to test automation.

If you want your team to level up their test automation knowledge as well, we should talk!

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Upcoming public training courses

Looking for a public training course? Through partnerships with several consultancies and training providers I'm happy to offer you:

March 8, 2021Python for TestersDutchVijfhart (NL)

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March 14, 2021Python for TestersEnglishImproveQS (NL)

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June 15, 2021Python for TestersEnglishImproveQS (NL)

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June 21, 2021Test automation with Robot FrameworkDutchVijfhart (NL)

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Free ebooks

I have written a couple of short ebooks, available for free:

A Test Automation Learning Path (2020)

For those of you looking to take your first or your next step in becoming a (better) test automation engineer, I'm presenting a learning path in this ebook that is meant to give you some guidance along the way, as well as pointers to helpful resources. Spoiler alert: there's much more to it than just learning the ins and outs of a specific tool!

This ebook is published by the team at EuroSTAR Huddle.

Service Virtualization - Implementation, Practices and Trends for On-Demand Test Environments (2016)

If you're looking for a comprehensive introduction to service virtualization and how it can help you test earlier, more and more often, this ebook is exactly what you're looking for.

This ebook is written in collaboration with and published by Hewlett Packard Enterprise.