Solid automation training is more than just teaching people to perform tricks with tools. In my courses, I will not only teach you how you can wield a specific tool or technique to achieve a predefined goal, but also

  • why you should or should not apply it in the first place, and
  • what situations are suitable for applying which tools and techniques.

I firmly believe that only by also covering the why and the what, you can answer the how in a way that yields maximum value.

Through On Test Automation, I offer the following courses:

Automation concepts, principles and strategy

Course nameDuration 
Introduction to test automation1 dayMore information

Automation tools, techniques and patterns

Course nameDurationLanguage 
API testing masterclass3 daysVariousMore information
API testing with REST Assured1 dayJavaMore information
BDD and Java automation with Cucumber1 dayJavaMore information
BDD and C# automation with SpecFlow1 dayC#More information
BDD and Python automation with pytest-bdd1 dayPythonMore information
Java for testers2 daysJavaMore information
C# for testers2 daysC#More information
Python for testers2 daysPythonMore information
Test automation with Robot Framework2 daysPython or JavaMore information

Behaviour Driven Development

Course nameDuration 
Improving your automation efforts with better BDD scenarios4 hoursMore information

Service virtualization

Course nameDurationLanguage 
Service virtualization with WireMock1 dayJavaMore information

Conference workshops

Workshop nameDuration 
Getting started with Consumer Driven Contract Testing0,5-1 dayMore information
Reasonable expectations in test automation – creating an automation strategy that works1 dayMore information
Investigating the context - how to design an effective automation strategy1 dayMore information

Couldn’t find the training course you were looking for? I am happy to talk to you to see if together, we can create a bespoke training course (or even a complete curriculum of courses) that fits your training needs like a glove. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to me, so a pre-training discussion about the contents of the training and the desired learning objectives is part of my offerings.

Are you interested in having me as a trainer in your organization or at your conference? Feel free to send me an email at, or use the contact form on this page.

I’m looking forward to help you improve your test automation efforts!

Feedback from clients
I can tell you all about how great my training courses are, but what my clients have to say is much more relevant. Here are some feedback comments from clients I have worked with in the past:

“After the training, I had a better understanding of what SpecFlow is and how different components in it can be utilized by us.”

“The exercises were well designed and fun, I enjoyed solving them.”

“The new knowledge I learnt also helped me to have a more clear picture of the system I am working on and make me available to dive into our automation more in the future.”