Here’s a (sort of) complete list of all articles I have written for various industry websites and magazines.

Have you read some of them? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Article Published
Why it’s (still) so difficult for testers to learn test automation TechBeacon, May 2021
Writing tests for GraphQL APIs using REST Assured Applitools blog, April 2021
Getting started with the TestProject C# OpenSDK TestProject blog, January 2021
Introducing BDD to your team – how does it affect your role as a tester? SpecFlow blog, August 2020
HTML Test Reports for Selenium & Appium Python Test Automation TestProject blog, July 2020
Tools, libraries, and methods to turn your SpecFlow specifications into automated acceptance tests SpecFlow blog, July 2020
Creating Mobile Appium Tests with TestProject Python SDK TestProject blog, July 2020
5 reasons that will convince your team to adopt BDD SpecFlow blog, July 2020
Getting started with TestProject Python SDK TestProject blog, July 2020
Is there such a thing as too much testing?, June 2020
My definition of test automation LinkedIn Pulse, May 2020
False Positives and False Negatives in Software Testing - Learning to Trust Your Tests, May 2020
Simulating rich behaviour using advanced WireMock features (Part 4) TestProject blog, March 2020
Getting started with service virtualization using WireMock (Part 3) TestProject blog, February 2020
Mocking at The Unit Test Level with Mockito (Part 2) TestProject blog, February 2020
Increasing Test Efficiency with Simulations & Service Virtualization (Part 1) TestProject blog, January 2020
Test automation? Keep it simple. LinkedIn Pulse, January 2020
Working effectively with SpecFlow tables TestProject blog, November 2019
Tidying up your SpecFlow features and scenarios TestProject blog, October 2019
Writing more expressive SpecFlow steps TestProject blog, October 2019
Getting started with SpecFlow TestProject blog, October 2019
BDD, SpecFlow and the SpecFlow ecosystem TestProject blog, October 2019
A test automation learning path LinkedIn Pulse, August 2019
6 Steps for Succeeding with Test Automation in Agile StickyMinds, May 2019
Why your test automation is ignored - and 5 steps to stand out TechBeacon, April 2019
Does Behavior Driven Development make sense for your team? Cucumber blog, March 2019
With test automation, it’s not the tool that matters TechBeacon, January 2019
Making a case for less automation LinkedIn Pulse, November 2018
Stop Automation Your Regression Tests (For Now) TestProject blog, October 2018
Supporting Continuous Testing With Automation Better Software Magazine, July 2018
Selecting the right service virtualization tool, July 2018
We don’t need more automation engineers! LinkedIn Pulse, May 2018
Test automation training is broken. Here’s how to fix it. TechBeacon, March 2018
It is time to get realistic about test automation LinkedIn Pulse, November 2017
The Anatomy of a Comprehensive Selenium Testing Strategy SmartBear blog (guest post), August 2017
How tech giants test software: There’s no one way for QA TechBeacon, August 2017
Start Trusting Your Test Automation Again StickyMinds, August 2017
Test automation? The tool is not important LinkedIn Pulse, July 2017
5 Pillars of a Successful Test Automation Implementation StickyMinds, June 2017
How to build a business case for service virtualization TechBeacon, May 2017
How to hire true test automation craftsmen TechBeacon, April 2017
How to perform API testing with REST Assured TechBeacon, March 2017
How to get the most from your test automation suite TechBeacon, March 2017
Leverage containers to create simulated test environments on demand StickyMinds, February 2017
Efficient API testing: How to get started with REST Assured TechBeacon, February 2017
APIs and automated testing: Go integrated for the best of both worlds TechBeacon, January 2017
Service virtualization, an enterprise solution to legacy systems O’Reilly Ideas, November 2016
Service virtualization: Testing legacy, third-party, and cutting-edge systems O’Reilly Ideas, August 2016
Test automation: start with the ‘why?’ LinkedIn Pulse, May 2016
Three things everybody should know about test automation LinkedIn Pulse, April 2016