The first chapter of my ebook is ready for review

It’s taken a while, but the first chapter of my (as of yet unnamed) ebook on open source Java test tools is ready for review. I invite you to read it and send me all kinds of comments, praise and criticism, either as a comment to this post or via email at

Please note that:

  • No formatting has been done except for the code snippets
  • The download links to the Eclipse code projects do not work yet

Again, all types of comments are appreciated. The first chapter of my ebook can be downloaded here.

6 thoughts on “The first chapter of my ebook is ready for review

  1. Bas,

    It looks good start. But it looks you have started with Junit and if you are staring for java then JAVA basics , OOPS should be there.

    What you think?

    • Thanks for your reply! However, this ebook is not intended for those just starting out in Java. There are far better resources for that than my ebook.

      I think I am going to add a disclaimer stating that at least a basic understanding of Java is necessary, thanks agaian for your suggestion!

  2. I have query please help me to resolve it if possible

    (1) I get all hyper links on the page through locators and collecgted them as arraylist (all these hyper links generates pop up upon clicking
    and none of them has sample locators of source page and few of them generated System Error and page not found)

    I am quite able to click on each hyper link by keeping them in loop but facing difficulty that how to validate those link show system error or 404 on pop up after clicking in brief I wan to validate the material is shown by the pop up
    For that I tried using Dictionary but no benefit

    • Hi Sameer,

      could you post the code that you’re using to loop through the links and to do the verifications you want to do?


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